TextCENTRIC is headquartered  in Pittsburgh, PA, where it maintains a business, technology architecture and marketing office in close proximity to the Carnegie Mellon University, where its founder is a senior faculty member. TextCENTRIC also maintains a conversion, software development, and production facility in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where there is a high level of technical capability and competitive pricing for technical services.

The company was formed through a unique mixture of individuals representing key components of the authority-based publishing industry and the official documents business. By joining together for a collective understanding of faculty, authors, publishers, software developers and eLearning business developers, the founders built a company motivated by a desire to help change an industry.

TextCENTRIC’s products and services are designed to transfer and enhance the value of content for the fast-growing digital and distributed world.

We see the evolution of publishing occurring in three integrated stages:

- Preparing Files
- Creating End-Use Tools
- Developing an Enterprise Platform

TextCENTRIC is organized into three divisions representing these stages:

Our digital and standards-preparation services, including editorial and business consulting, is focused on creating a lasting digital foundation for publisher content.

Adaptive Content Technologies™ (ACT)
We produce both fixed-media and networked-content software tools that allow for extensive shareable mark-ups of text than can interoperate with multiple content forms, communities and rules, all designed to enhance and improve teaching and learning behaviors.

Enterprise Content Solutions™
We are in an R&D phase for a comprehensive content platform aimed at highly interactive use of published content within multiple business rules for multiple user communities.

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