Providing Versatility to the Publisher

MetaPrep Content Services (MCS) are focused entirely on building the proper digital foundation for all subsequent digital and distributed publishing activities. To facilitate higher returns, cost savings, and better utilization of electronic materials, the foundational aspects of the content must be considered from the beginning.

TextCentric understands that authority-based, core content publishing is an author, editor and production-intensive business. The long-term value to publishers centers around on how the editorial process can be smoothly incorporated into the creation of digital and distributed content.

We believe that the publisher value proposition must incorporate specific usefulness into the digital value chain. For example, although much of the actual file conversion work can be contracted on a commodity basis, building valuable digital representations of content that can be repurposed as needed is a value-added process.

The value of MetaPrep lies in the “convert-once/use-many-times” philosophy, designed specifically to open access to new channels and markets with one customized
conversion process.